PRIME is a water based pigmentable acrylic primer which provides a flat, uniformly absorbent, color coordinated surface for application of FlexCoat Acrylic or Perfector Acrylic finishes. PRIME is recommended for the surface preparation of Polybase Wet/Dry/NC, interior drywall, concrete, masonry and stucco to color coordinate the substrate with the finish. PRIME enhances color consistency, reduces flashing, increases texture consistency, improves bond strength and coverage, and increases working time in hot, dry weather.

  • Improves color consistency across the wall
  • Prevents flashing
  • Improves finish coverage in certain situations


60lb (27kg) pail.


Approximately 800ft² (74m² )* per 60lb (27kg) pail, depending upon surface roughness and porosity of the substrate.

*Coverage given is approximate and vary depending on substrate, details and individual application technique.